Green Eggs and Caviar

It is not a real challenge to make scrambled eggs, nor to add pesto to them, or put some caviar on top of them when serving. This was an extremely easy lunch with just one trick – do not add the pesto too early! If you mix pesto into eggs before you start cooking them what you are going to end up with is something of a nasty grey colour. I had some left over pesto from a dinner earlier this week, and so I was looking for something it make with it. You can just use bought pesto, or (as Spring is basil season) make your own, use it for pasta and save a small amount for a dish like this, where you do not need a lot.

Start off with three eggs…

Whisk them together with a slosh of milk, salt and pepper. (The milk makes the eggs fluffier – even better would be cream).

Then heat a little butter in a pan, and, on medium-low heat, add the eggs. Do not stir too much, but rather, as the sides cook a little, scrape them into the middle with a spatula allowing more of the liquid eggs to take their place. You want the eggs to be quite cooked, but not completely done, before you add a heaped desert spoon of pesto.Mix the pesto into the eggs with the spatula in a folding movement and it should evenly disperse. As soon as it is mixed in, the eggs should be done at which stage you just transfer them to a plate and garnish with two heaped teaspoons of caviar. I just used salmon roe which is not hard to find at supermarkets, and which really isn’t that expensive. The wonderfully saltiness of the eggs as they burst while you chew them just work so well with scrambled eggs. The end product was a very pleasing lunch indeed…


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