The Vegetable Garden

I am staying in a friend’s house in Cambridge for a couple of days, and today when I walked into the garden I was surprised to see a huge pile on onions that Rob, one of the housemates, had just dug up ready to hang up in the kitchen. They looked so beautiful that I just had to take some photos.

There were so many onions that, if I had been around for a bit longer, I would be very tempted to do another French Onion Soup (I have no idea what they are going to do with them all). Onions do keep for a long period of time, though, so long as they are stored properly so they don’t get damp and moldy. This made me excited to see the rest of the vegetable garden that the household have been working on since February.

They had even more onions, runner beans, snow peas…

Beetroot, a cherry tree, a pear tree, a pumpkin patch…

And some very pretty sweat pea, which are in vases all over the house…

It almost makes me want to take up gardening (though this may be slightly harder to do in New York).


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