Silver Spoon Sugar

An odd thing to post about, I know, but when I was buying the ingredients to make the apple crumble, I came across Silver Spoon sugar, and was impressed enough by it that I though it worth telling others about it as well. I do have a tendency to want to feel like I am being ethical in my food purchases, and to (irritatingly to most) spend a lot of time reading labels, so it is not so strange that, upon seeing that this sugar was locally grown in the UK, it already caught my eye.

But this is not all – they use the excess heat and water from making the sugar, extracted from beets, to produce over 70 million tomatoes; the paper packaging that the sugar comes in is recycled; they also have a great deal of information on their website about their efforts to reduce their product’s carbon footprint.

It may rather defeat the purpose to buy such a product in the States (I doubt you would even be able to get it there), but this has won my seal of approval as the sugar you should by while in the UK. I would be interested to hear of similarly cool products that are generally available.


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