Kimbab at E-Mo Kim Bab

It isn’t easy finding a place to get a cheap lunch in midtown, unless that lunch happens to be pizza. So, thank god for Korea Town. Yesterday, I went to a great hole-in-the-wall take-away place that does Kimbab (basically Korean sushi) – they make it on the spot when you order, and you get a large roll, plus miso soup, for around $6. It is a really satisfying meal, though the pickled radish may be cut just a little thick, as it is quite sweet. Still, a great lunch to take to work, and I can’t help but find the name a little amusing. (Though I am not so impressed by the polystyrene packaging).

The varieties they have (as seen in their pictures here) are Jalapeno, Spicy Tuna, Kim-Chee, Vegetable, Squid, Beef, Tuna, Cheese, Mushroom and Sausage – not the most adventurous of flavours (I saw something that suggested they did seaweed at one time, which I would love to try), but very satisfying and quite vegetarian friendly.

E-Mo Kim Bab, 2 W32nd Street (near 5th Ave). Cash only.


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