Basic Breakfast

When I want to make a little bit of effort for breakfast (but not too much) I tend to do a variation on a theme – natural yoghurt with fruit, toasted almonds and honey. It doesn’t really matter what fruit you use, just go for whatever is in season (I also tend to go for colours that I think will look nice together). What makes this particularly delicious is to dry-toast slivered almonds in a non-stick pan until they have browned a little and smell wonderful – it just adds that extra flavour (and a little bit of warmth) which turns a nice breakfast into something really special.

Here are a couple of the variations I have had recently…

Blueberries, blackberries and pomegranate seeds. (Slice the pomegranate in half and whack the back with a wooden spoon to get the seeds to fall out without having to deal with the pith.)

Banana and blueberries. (The sweetest and simplest of the fruit pairings)

Strawberries, bosc pear and blueberries. (This was a bit of an odd combination, actually – the pear didn’t really go with the berries, and, tragically, I was out of almonds.)


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