The Quick Rules For Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

I have recently moved apartments, and unfortunately the light in my new kitchen is just not good enough to take good food photographs, so I will do less posts from home until I sort out the problem. However, in the interest of regular posts I will add some from time to time. At the moment it is pumpkin season, and I thought I would, in two or three steps, tell you how I managed to master the art of toasting pumpkin seeds.

When making a roast, or pumpkin soup, keep the seeds you scoop out, separate them from the pumpkin and give them a rinse.

While they are still wet (this is the bit that took some trial and error) sprinkle salt over them. The salt will dissolve and stick to the seeds so that they are nice and salty once toasted – if you don’t do this it is very difficult to salt them later. If you want to add other spices, now is also the time to do it.

Spread them out on a tray and let them dry. Then all you have to do is either put them in a toaster oven, or under the grill until they are a little browner and harder. Be careful, because the seeds will burn easily, so keep a constant eye on them – they should only take a couple of minutes. I have been enjoying pumpkin seeds as a nice addition to avocado on toast, but you might also just want to sprinkle them on top of a bowl of pumpkin soup.


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