Bills Woollahra

Bill Granger is my favourite Australian chef. Hands down. From self-taught cook to writer of popular cookbooks, and now star of his own television series, Granger started in 1993 with his cafe Bills in Darlinghurst, Sydney, and now has two other Sydney cafes that focus on Sydney’s favourite meal: breakfast. I am a big breakfast fan, and I cannot return home without visiting Bills’ Woollahra location (the cafe spreads out into a beautiful little courtyard and faces a fantastic bookstore, so this is my favourite of the three locations).

I was hoping to tell you about more of the food – Granger is actually famous for his scrambled eggs and his mushrooms are to die for. There was a table of young girls beside us who ordered hot chocolates which looked amazing. And yet it had been so long since I had been there that there was only one thing I could order, and it had been so long since my mother had been there that there was only one thing she could order. So we both had ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter and banana.

The hotcakes are light and fluffy, and the butter, which contains little chips of honeycomb (I will do a full post on honeycomb in the next couple of days for the uninformed), melts all over them and then, for good measure, you cover the whole thing in maple syrup. It is a wonderfully original (and Australian) take on pancakes with butter, and because this is Sydney – which is, joined with Melbourne, the best city in the world to get a good cup of coffee – you also get the utter bliss of being able to order a proper flat white. Actually, just like with my favourite Momofuku noodles, I have learnt how to cook the hotcakes (which, yes, I will share with you probably in January, next time I make it), but nothing beats the original.

Bills Woollarah, Queens Court, 118 Queen Street, Woollahra. (Sydney, Australia)


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