Top Five of 2010

Since going public with The Standard in July of last year, I have written 31 posts, built up a nice little core of (beloved) readers, and recorded 19 recipes. In future years I will summarize my ten favourite recipes of the year, but as it has only been six months, this time I will do my top five favourite meals that you can recreate yourselves…

1. Gingerbread Biscuits

I have struggled in previous years to find a soft gingerbread recipe that had both texture and flavour that would make it the greatest gingerbread recipe ever. This is that recipe. And not just according to me, but on the good authority of the many people who got to join in the product of my pre-Christmas biscuit-making binge.


2. Momofuku’s Ginger Scallion Noodles

This recipe has served me the best throughout the year. As well as being a great success when cooking for many people, I have had it as dinner for one many, many nights as well. If you pickle the cucumber and leave in a jar in the fridge (this is extremely easy), and you make the sauce in advance and store it in a jar in the fridge (this is extremely easy), then you have a week’s worth of quick dinners where all that is required of you is to dry-toast some cauliflower and boil ramen noodles. I cannot express how good this is – just make it, and make it now.


3. Pecorino Pesto

My favourite meal made even better? Enough said.


4. Basic Breakfast

Less of a recipe then just a suggestion to put some things in a bowl. But look how nicely the pictures turned out…


5. Broccoli and Courgette Orecchiette

Everyone knows how to cook this, but if you are one of the few who have not yet been innitiated then this amazingly simple meal should be added to your staples right away. The great joy of this orecchiette is that, if you have seen a recipe once, you will never need to look at it again, as the three simple steps can be committed to memory in a second. A delicious sounding addition (if you are feeling adventurous) is to follow the advice in the first comment: “Add a handful of rough breadcrumbs (made by blending stale sourdough) that have been fried in olive oil with garlic.”


4 thoughts on “Top Five of 2010

  1. Yum! Those elephants were amazing, how could anyone do that kind of work. I know mine would turn out to be a new kind of creature that is VERY deformed.

    1. Thanks :) It is a lot easier to keep the shapes when the dough is cold – and the trick with the elephants is to get their trunks out of the cookie-cutter first, otherwise they will stretch as you pop out the rest of their bodies.

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