This is why I haven’t been posting a lot recently. Well, this was one of the reasons – I have just arrived home after a month and a half away, where travel and work got in the way of blogging. So, while I get some new posts ready, have a look at the beautiful time I have been having without you.

I spent just a few days in Santorini with my parents. We stayed in beautiful rooms in the town of Oia, with this stunning view from the balcony.


Greek food is wonderful – growing up in Sydney, which has a large Greek population and hence many Greek restaurants (many of which had scenes from Santorini painted on the walls which made it all familiar in a very strange way), we ate a lot of it when I was younger, and it was only coming to Greece that I realised how much I missed it. I must start making Greek food more often.

Stunning architecture, clear skies, everything in blue and white – it was so photogenic it was felt almost too easy to take good photographs.


We ate a lot of seafood, and I am ashamed to admit that this did include octopus. I have a lot of respect for octopuses – they engage in highly creative problem-solving, game-play, and other activities that we strongly associate with animal intelligence. [For a good, even-handed account of the research on octopus intelligence, click here.] Delicious as they are, I feel guilty about having eaten such an intelligent creature, and shall refrain from doing so in the future.

This is just a picture of the beautiful church in Oia – but let’s say it ties in to the theme of guilt. Or just the theme of how beautiful this Greek island was.

I ended the trip stuffed, sun-drenched and relaxed, ready to return to hard work. (And with a new hat.)


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