The “Philosophy of Food” course website is up

I have been a bit slack on posts recently as I have been focusing on working hard on the PhD, as well as celebrating the fact that Nick and I got engaged this New Year. Another thing that is possibly of more interested to readers of this blog, is that I have been developing a “Philosophy of Food” course that I am teaching in the philosophy department of Baruch College, City University of New York. I am very excited about this course – it is a great opportunity not only to read many food and taste-related articles that I would not have gotten round to for a while otherwise, but to combine two of  (‘my great passions’ sounds a bit lame, how about…) the things I spend all my time on anyway. With Nick’s help I have set up a course website that you should take at look at if you are interested (there are links to several of the readings in the ‘readings’ section):


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