Sydney Christmas 2011

Last Christmas was now a long time ago, but I still have photos and recipes that I haven’t yet put up. And maybe now that the weather is turning, it will be just the kind of thing you need to think back to the holidays and either: 1) Start getting excited about summer, if you are in the Northern Hemisphere; or 2) Start getting (just sightly less) excited about summer, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere. Like last year I flew back to Sydney for Christmas, and spent it at my parent’s house with family and friends. Here is what it was like…

The tree had been decorated…

The table had been laid…

…and before the cooking really began, it was imperative to have a sneaky glass of eggnog (cleverly concealed here as an ornament on the mantelpiece).

In a style appropriate to a summer, Sydney Christmas, the meal began with a huge pile of fresh prawns.

This was followed by roasted carrots, pumpkin and parsnips…

…roasted potatoes…

…and roasted apple with purple onion…

All combined onto one plate with free-range turkey, gravy, peas and the always amazing nutmeat in brioche.

Of course, if you are going to eat such an extravagant meal, it is important to balance it out with a dessert such as caramelised peach and panettone trifle (seen here accompanied by orange rice pudding).

And after any good trifle, you need a slice of Natalia Grzybowski’s white chocolate cake.

Not quite paralysed by food consumption, we moved on to two types of delicious home-made chocolate truffles brought by Belinda Schuster (foreground truffles) and Mary Ann Jolley (background truffles).

And for being so good and finishing up all their dinner, everyone was allowed to choose their favourite piece of my mother’s stunning home-made marzipan fruit for the ride home.

I had also spent many hours making and decorating gingerbread.

Unsurprisingly, it too was popular with the guests.


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