(30 Days of Vegan) Days 8-10: Nothing Much

If you have not yet read my post about why I am going vegan for a month, you should.

From Monday to Wednesday I didn’t do much cooking at home. One morning for breakfast Nick and I went to Toby’s Estate, a great Australian cafe around the corner from us in Brooklyn. Just before beginning the month of vegan I realised that one of my favourite breakfasts there was vegan – 9 grain toast with avocado, tahini and black sesame seeds. So I was able to enjoy my toast and a soy latte as if I hadn’t really made any change in my diet. The other two mornings I just had weetabix with soy milk – boring, I know. On Monday I tried another Amy’s frozen meal, this time vegan mac and cheese. Despite the previous success of the Amy’s black bean vegetable enchilada, and the fact that I have pretty much enjoyed everything else I have tried in the Amy’s line, the vegan mac and cheese was disgusting, and I could barely force myself to finish half of it.

For dinner on Monday Nick and I ordered delivery from Wild Ginger, an Asian vegan restaurant very close to where we live. It is supposed to be an amazing restaurant, but I thought the food was nothing special. Nick had a red curry with seitan (which looked like pink spam) and I had stir-fried glass noodles with vegetables and vegie fish cakes, which was fine, but a little bland. (I found myself dreaming of the delicious Pad See Ew with shrimp that I would normally get if we were going to have Asian take-away.) We got huge portions, and so my noodles ended up lasting me not just for dinner on Monday night, but for lunch and dinner on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, still feeling lazy about cooking, we got falafels for lunch from Oasis, an extremely good (and amazingly cheap) falafel place very close to us. For $3.50 you can get a falafel with baba ghanoush, and so long as you leave out the white sauce (whatever it is) that they squirt in at the end, it is vegan. Once again, something that we were eating well before going vegan. Even though this month is supposed to be about exploring new places and discovering new foods, I find it really satisfying when I realise that there were several vegan meals that I had been eating anyway without realising it. In an attempt to use up some of the things we had in the fridge I made Nick scrambled eggs with halloumi for dinner, while I just had some of the left over curried cauliflower soup.

You can’t be a whizz in the kitchen all the time.


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