Christmas Round-Up

I have been placed in charge of doing desserts this Christmas, and I have already begun making food-based Christmas gifts, so there is a lot of season-appropriate recipe-posting to come. However, I suspect most posts will come after Christmas (at least after the point at which they would be much good for anyone who wanted to use them for Christmas this year). So while you wait to see what wonderful things we have all made this Christmas, I thought I would put links to previous Christmas posts.

I always return to Australia for Christmas, to my parent’s home in Sydney. This means that, while we try to keep many of the traditional aspects of Christmas – roast turkey, vegetables and gravy, for example – we have our Christmas dinner outside in the garden on a long, hot , summer day. Here are my posts about the last two Christmases:

Christmas table, all set up

Sydney Christmas 2010

Marzipan fruit christmas table

Sydney Christmas 2011

For this particular occasion, our jobs are usually set, and I rarely do the savory dishes. I am actually quite pleased about this, as I always like to experiment and try new things when cooking, but I also love the traditional Christmas mains so much that I could never bring myself to change them in any way. It means, however, that most of the recipes I have on offer are sweet. However, I think, with a few sides of roasted vegetables and gravy, the recipes I have posted so far could form the basis for a pretty complete Christmas…

Champagne, hibiscus, gingerbread

The pre-Christmas treat: Gingerbread Biscuits

Marzipan Fruit

The gift: Marzipan Fruit


The drink: Eggnog

Sliced nutmeat in brioche

The main meal: Nutmeat in Brioche

Orange Rice Créme

The dessert: Orange Rice Cream


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