Sydney Christmas 2012

Once again, it is the time of year when I put up my very-belated post about the most recent Christmas. Plenty of reasons why it is a bit late this year – the whole time really was packed with big events, but, as always, my parents put on a beautiful Christmas in their home in Sydney.

Christmas tree  Stockings on fire-place

This year we had some ‘younger’ cousins (ie teenagers) staying with us, and so there was slightly less shame in the fact that my brother and I, adult ‘children’ in our 20s, hung out stockings on Christmas Eve. (Who, after all, can turn down a stocking stuffed with chocolate frogs from Haigh’s?)

Christmas table setting blue

It rained this Christmas. Despite checking the weather every hour or so in the days leading up to Christmas, our weather-control efforts were worthless. So, after several sunny Christmases where we had dinner on the deck in my parents’ garden, this year we crowded into the dining room, where we laid out a beautiful table.

Pink champagne
For breakfast we has our usual panettone, mince tarts and summer fruit. This year the champagne was pink (which happened to complement both the hat and prize I won in my Christmas cracker).

Roasted apples and onions

Roasted pumpkin

The real shame of the rain was that the light was not fantastic for photography, so I was unable to capture many of the food components in blog-worthy light. But, for those who are interested, the menu was as follows:


Fresh king prawns and smoked salmon with free-range egg mayonnaisse

Nutmeat in brioche


Mains (and sides)

Roasted apple and red onions with maple syrup

Roasted pumpkin, potatoes, carrots and parsnip (with peas)

Roast free-range turkey with turkey gravy



Orange-infused rice pudding (with hidden almond)

Summer berry trifle

                         Christmas pudding ice cream

Roasted potatoes

As the tradition is to eat the rice pudding first, so everyone has a chance of winning the marzipan pig, the other desserts were barely touched on Christmas day itself. The trifle, as you can see being constructed below, was so delicious that I over-indulged even on a full stomach and a week before my wedding. I will definitely make it again – it had layers of spiced cake, soaked in Cointreau, layered with home-made custard, and fresh summer berries. I will post a recipe soon.

Summer berry trifle construction

The following morning the sun was out again, and we were back to our usual habit of eating Christmas cake and mince tarts for breakfast, accompanied by champagne and orange juice.

Christmas cake with mangoes

My mother always makes the Christmas cake, and my aunt always makes the mince tarts before I get to see (and document) how they do it. But I promise, one year, I will take a break from just posting tantalising photos, and will include instructions on how you can make your own.
Christmas breakfast


3 thoughts on “Sydney Christmas 2012

  1. A beautiful Christmas it has been for sure! There is no shame in hanging stockings – I still fill my boyfriend’s (35ish!) boots on Santa Claus day morning as per the tradition here, he loves the totally unexpected small gifts in the morning : )

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