The Wedding Post

Nick and I got married a just over a month ago. Unfortunately I do not have the words to describe it without resorting to cliché, so all I will say is that we both thought the wedding was great. Here are some details and pictures…

Old postcard wedding sign

Our wedding was reasonably untraditional. It began in the evening and took place in a great warehouse/theatre space in the centre of the Melbourne city.

Glasses for wedding drinks

The ceremony and reception took place in the same space, so when we arrived it was already done up ready for a party.

Cake at fortyfivedownstairs

Nick and I met up just before the wedding, and had a glass of champagne to calm our nerves. We arrived together, and walked into the space one after another to the Beta Band’s “Dry the Rain”.


When I went to buy a bouquet earlier that day, I was surprised to see that the flower shop had great big bunches of different herbs alongside their more traditional flowers, so I had my bouquet made up largely of mint and rosemary. At one stage I had even considered just getting a branch from a crab apple tree that was growing near the railway tracks close to where we had been staying. However, it was pointed out that this could make things a little dangerous when throwing the bouquet.

IMG_8139AThis is us. Married.

IMG_8165-EditHere we are, looking glamourous and signing the certificate of marriage.

Ginger raspberry fizz

After the ceremony was over (I asked our wonderful celebrant at one stage: “Oh is that it? Are we married now?”) the caterers brought round raspberry ginger fizz cocktails in jars for all the guests. I wish I had the recipe, as they were seriously delicious.

Soft drink can wedding vases

Our flowers were bought and arranged on the tiniest budget on the day of the wedding by our utterly amazing friend Tracy. Seriously, the tiniest budget – we provided her with $60 and brightly coloured soft-drink cans that we bought from a supermarket in Chinatown to use as vases. She put flowers everywhere, and still ended up with $4 change.

Warehouse wedding decorated tables

In fact, so many friends and family members helped in so many ways – not to mention our venue, caterers and celebrant going far and above the call of duty. It was so touching, and really quite spectacular.

Ed Dixon wedding chalk board

Our caterers were really, really good. Rather than having a sit-down meal, we had cocktail food and constant dancing to the daggiest music we could find. The food was amazing, and one of the waitresses made it her mission to make sure that I did not go hungry.

Wedding lanterns, pressed tin roof

In between dancing, some of the best speeches ever written, having photos taken and giving everyone in the room a hug, we cut the cake…

Peach colour wedding cake with marzipan fruit

My mother, Helen, and her twin sister, Estelle (who caught the bouquet!) made the cake. Estelle bakes amazing cakes, and Helen is extremely good at cake decorating. They had made a couple of wedding cakes together before, and so I asked them to use my wedding as an opportunity to do whatever their hearts desired – if they had always wanted to try something, or if they had a dream wedding cake they had never had the opportunity to make, then this was their chance. I was completely in the dark about what they were making until I got to see the cake for the first time after the ceremony, and I was blown away by it. It is so stunning and elegant, while being a little retro and daggy at the same time (something that sums up our whole wedding, really).


The cake itself was the delicious orange spice cake from The Shortlists, and the decorations include icing leaves and flower petals with marzipan pears, figs and orange slices. There was also a plate of marzipan fruit to be served with the cake slices. It was extremely impressive.


The end.

Photographs (mostly) by the fabulous Marina Oliphant. Thanks also to Charles Miller, Adrian Boutel, and James Noble.


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