No more blogging until the new year.

You could not have missed the fact that it has been some time since my last blog post. Unfortunately this is going to continue for a bit longer. I have a deadline for the submission of my PhD: December 31st. I have been working on this PhD for 5 years, and I cannot even imagine what it will be like to finally have it out of the way. But, in the last push to get it done, I do not have the time (or concentration) for much else, and so I have to put blogging on hold for a while.

I cannot wait until next year – I will not only have a lot more time for cooking and blogging, but, I suspect, I will be in a celebratory mood pretty much all year. There are some new directions I would like to try out, and I have an ever-increasing stack of original recipe ideas that I want to start experimenting with.

Until then I will be hunched over a computer surrounded by books on concepts, externalism and mental content.

See you next year!



3 thoughts on “No more blogging until the new year.

  1. All my very best wishes for your Ph.D.! I know how it feels, having just completed my one… Keep going and good luck with it all! x

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