Of the Standard of Taste

“Of the Standard of Taste” is an essay written by the 18th century Scottish philosopher David Hume. In it, Hume argues there may be people in the world with such finely tuned senses, and such practice in judging aesthetic works, that they could give the final ruling in arguments regarding taste. If one person were to judge an artwork to be aesthetically valuable, and another not, these judges could adjudicate in such a dispute. Questions over whether a particular wine was truly superior to another could be settled once and for all. Perhaps if we just had a blog that showed us what food was truly worthy of our attention, and showed us how to make such food, all our culinary difficulties could be solved once and for all…

Allan Ramsay, David Hume, 1711 - 1776. Historian and philosopherDavid Hume (1711-1776) showing himself to be, among other things, a master of taste when it came to fashion.

About me

I am currently working on a PhD in Philosophy. While my thesis is in the Philosophy of Mind (defending internalism about concepts), I have also started working in the Philosophy of Food. This subject area, still in its infancy, covers philosophical questions raised by issues concerning food from aesthetics and perception, to ethics and politics.

In my non-professional life I am a foodie.

About the blog

This is primarily a food blog – I mostly post recipes that are original or adapted from other food writers. However, I sometimes also write philosophical (or opinion) pieces about food-related topics. (See for example my recent post on the ethics of eating horse meat).

In 2012 I ate a vegan diet for a month, and documented my experience. This means there are several vegan recipes to be found here. I may decide to do a vegan month each year from now on. I may also try out other diets that might be of interest to readers (I am contemplating doing a locavore month this year).

I grew up in Australia, but lived in New York for nearly five years. I have just recently moved to London. Because of this,  I write mostly in British or Australian English, but some food words can differ so much between continents that I try to put North American deviations in brackets wherever I am aware of them.


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