Apple Alsace Tart

I am getting into the habit now of buying seasonal produce at our local farmers’ market, and then coming home and scouring our cookbooks to see what I can make with what I have bought. We received several new cookbooks as wedding presents, and one that has been particularly useful for this task is The […]

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Anzac Biscuits

Nils, my cousin, was in Australia recently with his sister Ellen. While staying with my parents they were exposed to a full range of Australian foods – paddle pops, tim tams, shapes, frosty fruits, (the magnificently-named) golden gaytimes. Nils took to Anzac biscuits*, which is not a great surprise as he has a great love […]

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White chocolate biscuit bites

My Philosophy of Food course has finished for the semester – it went really well, and I hope to teach it again in the future. Because the students were so fantastic, for the last class I tripled this recipe, making a massive pile of biscuits (cookies). We spent our final session talking about the relationship […]

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