Hippie Granola

I haven’t made granola before – I find it too sweet for an everyday breakfast. Then again I might not be the best judge – I do pick sultanas (raisins) out of my Sultana Bran (raisin bran) when it gets to the bottom and there would be more than two in a spoonful. However, this […]

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Berry yoghurt smoothie

We are still on a bout of trying to eat healthily at the moment (meaning increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, and trying to lose weight – let’s be honest, ‘eat healthily’ is often a euphemism for ‘lose weight’). This means cutting down on drinking and sweets, which have been replaced with hard work on the […]

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Banana Bread

Blogging will be a little slower for the next month while I am travelling, though I do have a lot of great recipes saved up from a last minute New York cooking binge that I will try to post when I get a chance. I started writing this post in the lounge in Edinburgh airport […]

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Banana smoothie

Well, this is hardly a difficult thing to make, and pretty much any variation will probably end well. I have been craving a banana smoothie ever since the warm weather began, and upon acquiring a blender for our new apartment, I thought I would try it out on one of the most delicious drinks there […]

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Basic Breakfast

When I want to make a little bit of effort for breakfast (but not too much) I tend to do a variation on a theme – natural yoghurt with fruit, toasted almonds and honey. It doesn’t really matter what fruit you use, just go for whatever is in season (I also tend to go for […]

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