Summer berry trifle

I have a great weakness for custard (crème anglaise) – I suspect about fifty per cent of desserts and cakes could be improved with some custard poured over them. This is, I have realised since moving to the United States, a rather English mentality. While I would smother apple crumble or Eve’s pudding in thick, […]

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Sydney Christmas 2012

Once again, it is the time of year when I put up my very-belated post about the most recent Christmas. Plenty of reasons why it is a bit late this year – the whole time really was packed with big events, but, as always, my parents put on a beautiful Christmas in their home in Sydney. […]

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Christmas Round-Up

I have been placed in charge of doing desserts this Christmas, and I have already begun making food-based Christmas gifts, so there is a lot of season-appropriate recipe-posting to come. However, I suspect most posts will come after Christmas (at least after the point at which they would be much good for anyone who wanted to […]

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Post-Boxing Day Feast 2011

Another late post? I never get an opportunity to cook like I do during the Christmas holidays – I can take a little time off working to devote to cooking; I have access to a fantastic kitchen at my parent’s house in Sydney; and I get many days to make as much good food for as many […]

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Christmas recipe 3: Eggnog

There are a few American foods that I have adopted since moving to the States, but I believe none I have taken to so wholeheartedly as making a large batch of alcoholic eggnog at Christmas. I don’t care if Christmas in Australia often means that it is swelteringly hot outside and this rich drink, full […]

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Sydney Christmas 2011

Last Christmas was now a long time ago, but I still have photos and recipes that I haven’t yet put up. And maybe now that the weather is turning, it will be just the kind of thing you need to think back to the holidays and either: 1) Start getting excited about summer, if you […]

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