Bills Woollahra

Bill Granger is my favourite Australian chef. Hands down. From self-taught cook to writer of popular cookbooks, and now star of his own television series, Granger started in 1993 with his cafe Bills in Darlinghurst, Sydney, and now has two other Sydney cafes that focus on Sydney’s favourite meal: breakfast. I am a big breakfast […]

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Red Bamboo

If ever you have a vegetarian friend visiting New York City, or you are one yourself, one place you mustn’t go without visiting is Red Bamboo. This vegetarian restaurant, just off Washington Square, focuses on Southern soul food – not a food that I am that familiar with, but one that is clearly very meat-heavy.  […]

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Kimbab at E-Mo Kim Bab

It isn’t easy finding a place to get a cheap lunch in midtown, unless that lunch happens to be pizza. So, thank god for Korea Town. Yesterday, I went to a great hole-in-the-wall take-away place that does Kimbab (basically Korean sushi) – they make it on the spot when you order, and you get a […]

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Momofuku Noodle Bar

Yesterday afternoon I fell over in the street. It was a bit of a shock because falling over is something you tend to do as a child, and so when you have a tumble as an adult it is amazing just how far you have to fall. I was ok (more importantly, my iPhone, which […]

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River Café

Oh, it has been such a long time! Traveling can contribute to laziness, and I have been mainly in Cambridge where there isn’t a great deal of good food to report. But still, I am going to make amends by writing trying to get back to the ‘one post every two days’ rule that I […]

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