Patatas Bravas

For most people there are milestones of ‘food freedom’ dotted throughout their lives. You move from having all your food provided by (and all your eating practices dictated by) your parents, to experiencing the first time you find yourself with money on the way home from school, and no one to stop you from spending […]

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Creamy mashed potatoes

On Thursday we had Thanksgiving dinner with a wonderful group of Thanksgiving orphans (mostly other foreigners) in Manhattan. Everyone brought a few dishes, which meant we ended up with significantly more food than we could possibly eat (though we did try). As you can’t have Thanksgiving without mash, we volunteered to bring some, as well […]

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Roasted broccoli

I am really not a fan of boiled vegetables. Broccoli I can take with a little bit of blanching, but brussels sprouts just don’t taste that good when you have boiled them (and they go a little slimy), whereas when they are fried or roasted they are wonderful. I have to admit, however, while I […]

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