Here are the few of my favourite food blogs…

David Lebovitz

This is the blog I always visit if I have a spare moment – Lebovitz is a French-trained American pastry chef living in Paris. His food (and lifestyle) looks wonderful, he posts regularly, and his photography is just beautiful. It is like looking at a glossy magazine, and serves as the model for how I would, some day, like my blog to look.

The Amateur Gourmet (Adam Roberts)

This was the first food blog I regularly started following, and the one that really inspired me to start a blog of my own. Roberts provides a mix of recipes and restaurant reviews (mostly in New York), both of which I have turned to for guidance many times. He also has a little section on how to start your own blog and make it good, which was a great help to me when I set up The Standard.

Cannelle et Vanille


101 Cookbooks

Smitten Kitchen

Friends’ blogs you should also check out…

Eldað í vesturheimi

All From Scratch

The Shortlists


The Standard’s name sake… David Hume, “Of The Standard of Taste”


For anyone who is interested, here is my husband’s blog:  He is a journalist who writes on a range of subjects, some of them food related.


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