Spicy Sesame Kale Chips

If you have ever resolved to eat more vegetables (or to have a largely vegetable-based diet) you will know that one of the great problems is that vegetables tend to go off very quickly. They certainly can’t outlive frozen ready-meals and boxes of mac and cheese, but just eggs and cheese will well outlast a […]

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A New Look for the Standard

The Standard has undergone a make-over. No doubt the new theme would not have escaped your notice next time you visit, but I have also updated the “About” section, and put in a new “Recipes” page to make browsing easier. I hope to do an overhaul of the “Links” page in the next few weeks […]

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Apple Alsace Tart

I am getting into the habit now of buying seasonal produce at our local farmers’ market, and then coming home and scouring our cookbooks to see what I can make with what I have bought. We received several new cookbooks as wedding presents, and one that has been particularly useful for this task is The […]

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